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Acer KG271 27-inch Gaming Monitor Full HD TN 144Hz

Acer KG271 27-inch Gaming Monitor has a TN/LED Panel. Have the highest refresh rate and never again get left out of the raids with the Acers KG series. AMD Free sync technology keeps you in touch with the best players, with little to no screen tearing. While battling in the arena where each moment counts or healing your friends on the battlefield, you can stay top of your game.

TN Panel

TN, or Twisted Nematic panels, is one of the oldest LCD panels. They’re still quite common even today. Looking at the price of VA or IPS, you will notice. TN panels are cheap to manufacture and have very low input lag, appealing to everyday gamers. They support refresh rates up to 240Hz, which is a plus for the high demand on most online (fps) games.

Starting with problem number one, inferior color reproduction. Of course, each panel will have its setbacks & problems, such as VA has slower response times than TN panels. So you can see how VA beats TN in color reproduction and accuracy. However, TN has intensely low input lag & super high refresh rates. TN panels viewing angles are limited. Don’t expect to see all angles like VA. So you can see the difference in panel types & know what you are getting is what you want.

Resolution & Refresh Rate

And with the Full HD 1080p resolution, you have the clarity and shape images all gamers will appreciate. You can enjoy the comfortable viewing experience of gaming during low light room low dimming while playing. In addition, you can play multiple monitors side by side for a bigger screen display.

KG271 has a 144Hz refresh rate that gives ultra-smooth and quick successions and a more accurate shot every time, along with greater control over your gameplay. 1ms Response time gives you the speed you need and the ultimate edge to get the jump you need to get ahead of the enemy and get the ultimate surprise you need to win. Let us not forget about the speakers, two speakers, and 2 watts per speaker. They may be small, but they still will put out the sounds needed for gaming and Netflix.

ECO-Friendly, Tilt, Connectivity & VESA Compatible

Acer comes with Tilt Adjustment, so you can adjust it for your comfort, allowing longer time spent on the monitor. Another great feature is the ECO-Friendly. It lets you adjust the screen’s brightness as you need, and by doing this, it uses less power and saves energy.

With Acer, you get other means of connectivity with VGA & HDMI Ports allowing you to connect to other devices for even greater support. This monitor is VESA Compatible 100 X 100mm and can be mounted on the wall or sit on the desk, whichever you prefer. The monitors’ weight is 5.62Kg. With the stand and 5.15Kg. Without the stand., and comes with a Standard Warranty.

Acer KG271 27-inch Gaming Monitor


Model#: Cbmidpx

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • TN/LED Panel
  • Full HD 1080 Resolution
  • AMD Free sync technology
  • Zero Frame
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Eco-Friendly Display
  • Tilt Adjustable -5/-15 degrees
  • 2 X 2w Speakers
  • VGA, HDMI Ports
  • VESA Compatible 100 X 100mm
  • Monitors Weight with stand 5.62Kg & weight without stand 5.15Kg.
  • Standard Warranty

Join Acer Today, Check out their Acer KG271 27-inch Gaming Monitor with so much potential.

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