Acer Nitro VG 270 Sbmiipx 27 inch Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro is a competitive gaming monitor; you can depend on its Full HD resolution to keep up with your gameplay. With AMD Radeon Technology, you can be sure of one thing. You will have no tearing choppy frame rates. This will is what gives you a solid competitive edge.

VG 270 is genuinely fantastic, with high-quality images and superb detail. Looking at its 1080p Full HD resolution. One can only be stunned by its breathtaking graphics. So, you can bid goodbye to the stuttering because Nitro designed AMD Radeon with Free Sync Technology inside. This boosts your gaming experience for a smooth ride.

IPS display provides a premium color performance; you can see perfect pixels at any angle; this makes watching your friends battle even more exciting. Now to the best part, the speed odometer has been floored. With a 0.1ms gtg response time, your world will never be the same again; while most gamers are telling everyone about their new monitor that has an ultra-low rate of 1ms to everyone, you’re looking at your monitor with a 0.1. And you roll your eyes at them.

Features: Full HD Widescreen 1080p IPS Monitor

  • AMD Radeon Free Sync Technology
  • 0.1ms Response Time
  • 165 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Vision Care Technology
  • HDMI 2.0 Port

Acer Nitro VG 270 27 inch Gaming Monitor, Looking for speed and perfermance with out the added cost.

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27 Inch Gaming MonitorAcer NitroVG270 Sbmiipx 27