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Computer Monitor-AOPEN CL1 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

AOPEN CL1 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor-24CL1Y-BI Full HD 5Ms

AOPEN CL1 Series model number 24CL1Y-BI has an IPS Panel that offers a wider viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, and you still get the outstanding quality and color you will enjoy with your games or at work. A few of the features coming in the next section, such as Resolution, Response Time & Refresh Rate a few of the biggest features you would look for in a monitor.


And with the Full HD 1080p Maximum Resolution, you can experience your fast-moving gameplay and still enjoy the sharp images and the bright colors you need when battling your enemies. Monitor resolution is usually one of the first things you would consider when shopping for a new monitor, which describes the visual dimensions of any given display. So when you read 1080p or Terms like HD/720p, FHD, commonly called Full HD 1080p. Or WQHD, that looks like this 1440p one more to mention is 4k 2160p.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Experience the 5ms Response Time that gives you rapid speed so you can play the pros and never worry about lagging behind.

Understanding the difference in response time (milliseconds) 4ms and 1ms. 4ms seems to be the more widely chosen option; Long Story short, if you intend to use your new monitor for competitively gaming. You will indeed choose 1ms due to the faster response time.
So, Is there a big difference between 1ms and 4ms? 1ms response time is 1/1000th of a second now that’s fast. So fast, it’s four times faster than a 4ms response time. Notice the difference. The lower the number, the quicker the speed. But one-tenth of a second! that’s why, say have said, only buy if you intend on using this monitor for intense online gaming.

And the 60Hz Refresh Rate gives you the speed you need to play like a pro and never lag behind and still have the smooth and sharp images you always wanted, and you’ll have a more accurate shot every time. This was a feature designed with the first-time player in mind. The HDMI, VGA Ports allow you to connect to other devices and help you have better gameplay.

The LED Blue light Shield Technology allows you to work, play or watch movies without the strain on your eyes and less fatigue for more extended periods of time. 

AMD Free Sync

And the AMD Free-Sync Technology eliminates tearing or stuttering, and you can experience your rapid-moving games and not have any interruptions while battling your opponent. AMD Free Sync can sync with your computer’s graphics card, ensuring the tearing is at a minimum. Allowing you to enjoy your work or gaming to your heart’s content.

Connectivity & Warranty

AOPEN CL1 has more to offer with the HDMI, & VGA you can connect to other devices for even greater support. And the monitor has VESA Mount 75 X 75, so you have the option to hang it on the wall or sit on the desk whichever you prefer for your comfort, and comes with a One Year Warranty.

AOPEN CL1 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor-24CL1Y-BI


  • IPS Panel
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 5ms Response Time
  • LED Blue light Shield Technology
  • AMD Free Sync Technology
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDMI, VGA Ports
  • VESA Mountable 75 X 75mm
  • One Year Warranty

AOPEN CL1 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor-24CL1Y-BI Backside

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