Dark Matter by Monoprice 27-inch monitor

Dark Matter by Monoprice 27-inch monitor Full HD

Let me introduce you to a Dark Matter 27-inch gaming monitor with its sleek design and sheer speed. Never pay more than you should with Monoprice. Thanks to AHVA technology, you are never left in the dark with its near 100% sRGB color gamut. See more with a wide viewing angle while playing your fast-action games. Never get caught unexpectedly with ultra-fast A+ IPS panel technology, and combined with 1ms response time, you have a more significant advantage over your opponent.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

With the help of AMD free sync premium, your worries about image tearing and ghosting are over. Have you ever experienced screen tearing? This link Image Link has an image of screen tearing in action. Truly an unwanted effect from your monitor. However, this can be avoided by knowing what you need before buying a new monitor.

AMD Free Sync can sync with your computer’s graphics card, ensuring the tearing is at a minimum. Allowing you to enjoy your work or gaming to your heart’s content. Or until the boss kills you seconds away from your final hit. 

The Dark Matter comes equipped with full HD 1080p resolution that gives brighter and sharper images. A step above the 720p high definition. Monitor resolution is usually one of the first things you would consider when shopping for a new monitor, which describes the visual dimensions of any given display. So when you read 1080p or Terms like HD/720p, FHD, commonly called Full HD 1080p. Or WQHD, that looks like this 1440p one more to mention is 4k 2160p.

And with the 1ms Response Time, you can play your fast action games and not worry about motion blur or stuttering just play to win. Understanding the difference in response time (milliseconds) 5ms and 1ms. 5ms seems to be the more widely chosen option; Long Story short, if you intend to use your new monitor for competitively gaming. You will indeed choose 1ms due to the faster response time.

1ms response time is 1/1000th of a second now that’s fast. Looking at the difference, is it big or small between 1ms and 5ms? While researching the difference in response times, I have read many articles and found a few I would like to share with you. What Does Monitor Response Time Mean? 

Ending Thoughts

While reading this post, Response times are measured with terms called (GTG). (Gray TGray) A measurement of pixel speed. Used in measuring a response time in gaming monitors. Read what Pc mag has to say about Gray to gray. Definition of GtG | PCMag, Among all this information, we learn that the longer the response time is, the more of a chance that you will experience a term called “ghosting” Image provided: Ghosting image provided by (displayninja.com).

To finish my explanation of a monitor’s response time, you need to understand why some monitors have 5ms and yet cost 500 bucks and more. While others are 1ms and yet are under 300. Take a look at this example. Benq GL2780 27-Inch Full HD Monitor 1ms TN 75Hz, Has 1ms with a price tag of a little over 200. Another example of this topic is Monoprice CrystalPro 4k 28-Inch Monitor 5ms 60hz UHD. Not all monitors are created equal. Think about what you’re going to use it for before you buy.

VESA Mount, & Warranty

With Monoprice 27 inch you have the option to mount on the wall or leave attractively on your desk. The VESA mounting dimensions are 100 X 100. In addition, Monoprice comes with a one-year pixel-perfect guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you may return within 30 days for a full money-back guarantee.

Dark Matter by Monoprice 27-inch monitor


  • AHVA Technology
  • A+ IPS Panel Technology
  • 1ms Response Time
  • AMD Free sync Premium
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate
  • VESA Certified Display HDR400
  • VESA Mountable (Dimensions 100 X 100)
  • One Year Pixel Perfect Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Dark Matter by Monoprice 27-inch monitor

Consider this no matter if you are working or just browsing the internet, your monitor will guide you through each moment you’re interacting with the www. of the world. However, there are certain aspects of the monitor that should matter to a gamer. Such as The panel type is VA, TN, IPS, one of three major groups of panels.
Bet you’re asking yourself why should the panel type matter? Good question. What is a panel type, and why would it matter to a gamer like me. The answer to that question has many parts inside of it. Knowing your monitors’ working details is the first step in getting everything you want from your monitor.

Let’s talk about VA panels and why they are a great middle ground.
Va panels have greater color reproduction with greater accuracy in details. Then that of a TN panel.

While TN panels tend to have lower response times & cheaper costs, people are more likely to buy the lower price monitor. IPS has the highest color reproduction rates out there on top of low response times. BTW is a great thing lower the response time, the better your gameplay will be.

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