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MSI Optix 240CR 24-inch Curved Monitor

MSI Optix 240CR 24-inch Curved Monitor Full HD 1ms

The MSI Optix 240CR 24-inch Curved Monitor is a great gaming monitor for every enjoyment. Showing you that even with a monitor with less than perfect stats. You are still able to fully enjoy taking on each battle with a monitor that can support your playstyle.


Full HD 1080p Resolution; you will have the clarity and sharpest images for battling with the enemy. With the VA Panel/LCD, you get the best image depth and get deeper into the reality of the game; and with the 1800R curvature, you can enjoy a wider viewing angle and have less strain and fatigue on your eyes.

The first splendid feature I would like to mention is why I say this gaming monitor comes first on my list of budget monitors with such potential that even I am surprised that MSI was able to put so much power in such a frame with this price. Genuinely amazed, all these features I will mention under 200 U.s dollars.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Let’s start with the impressive 1 ms response time with this model monitor. With such speed and precision, you would think you’re going to speed a ton of money. Thankfully not the case here. With a 165Hz Refresh Rate, you have the speed you need and smoother and sharper images, and greater control over your game or work whichever it might be.

AMD Free Sync Contrast Ratio

The second feature would be the AMD Free Sync. If you genuinely want to take advantage of this feature, you will notice that your new monitor no longer looks choppy or goes blank in the heat of battle. You can enjoy playing the fastest of the games and have the edge while battling the best of the best. You won’t have any tearing or stuttering. MIS added a feature that measures the maximum possible color range between white and black shades it’s called the Contrast Ratio.

You will have the True Color with DCI-P3 by 90% plus sRGB by 115%; this helps you see deep into the game with True color, see all the game images more precisely; this gives you the edge while playing your opponent. The 1800R curved screen brings you into the game more closely to the rival furthermore gives you a better aim with ease.


MSI Optic 240CR comes with the conveniences every monitor needs it has Height Adjustment, Tilt, and Swivel so you can adjust it to best fit your comfort and allows you to work or play longer periods of time letting you complete your task. Furthermore, the monitor comes with HDMI 1.4, Display Port 1.2 & Input Digital Video Ports this lets you connect to other devices for even greater support. This monitor is VESA Compatible 75 X 75mm and weighs 10.78 Lbs. With Stand.


MSI Optic 240CR comes with peace of mind it has a One Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty.

MSI Optix 240CR 24-inch Curved Monitor


  • AMD Free Sync
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • True Color DCI and sRGB
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Full HD 1080P Resolution
  • Curved Screen Display (1800R)
  • LCD Backlighting/VA Panel
  • Tilt, Swivel, & Height Adjustment
  • HDMI 1.4, Display Port 1.2 & Video Port Input Digital
  • VESA Mountable 75 X 75mm
  • One Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

MSI Optix 240CR 24-inch Curved Monitor Front & Backside

Monoprice Zero-G 35-Inch Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Monoprice Zero-G 35-Inch Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Know before you buy

Monoprice Provides an excellent price for features that could cost hundreds of dollars. For instance, the A+ grade panelThat’s protected with a one-year pixel-perfect guarantee. Furthermore, Monoprice gives the customer an ultrawide experience with their QHD 1440p Resolution & ultrawide screen. You can have more in-depth colors and brighter images.

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