acer kg281k 28 inch gaming monitor

Acer KG281K 28-inch Gaming Monitor 60hz TN 1ms

Acer KG281K is keeping up with the competition with their 4K UHD Resolution.

Providing more precise and sharper images so you can enjoy your games or watch movies. Also, with this striking AMD Free-Sync Technology, you can enjoy your gameplay even more without any choppy or image tearing and have a more comfortable viewing while in competition.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Let us talk about the 1ms Response Time, you’ll have the speed you need to play with the high-speeded gamers and enjoy the fast-moving action. In order to have a pleasant gaming experience, you need a few things some monitors don’t have. The first thing you need is the speed to react in battle with what is happening on the screen. Take this example, when you play a game that requires your full attention & quick reflexes, you want your monitor to detect the motion as fast as possible. Furthermore, with the 60Hz Refresh Rate. The higher the refresh rate, the better the images or movies will be played or seen, appearing in a more continuous and lifelike video as long.

Panel Type

With the TN Panel, TN, or (Twisted Nematic panels), is one of the oldest LCD panels. They’re still quite common even today. Looking at the price of VA or IPS, you will notice. TN panels are cheap to manufacture and have very low input lag, appealing to everyday gamers. They support refresh rates up to 240Hz. Which is a plus for the high demand for most online (fps) games.
Starting with problem number one, inferior color reproduction. Of course, each panel will have its setbacks & problems, such as VA has slower response times than TN panels. So you can see how VA beats TN in color reproduction as well as accuracy. However, TN has intensely low input lag & super high refresh rates. Don’t expect to see all angles like VA. TN panels viewing angles are limited. So you can see the difference in panel types & know what you are getting is what you want.

Connections & Eye Care

In addition, Acer Vision Care Technology allows you to play longer successions of time & enjoy gaming more without eye strain or fatigue. Connections are one HDMI Port. And one Display Port will enable you to connect to other devices and improve gaming. HDMI ports hold excellent color reproduction and excellent gaming or movie quality. However, using your DP (display port), you are able to maximize your out in your gaming life as well as in movies.

  • HDMI: Audio and video signal, best for TV to PC connections. Great for gaming when you are playing on a laptop.
  • DisplayPort (DP): The best connector for audio or video, transmitting 144Hz up to 4K.
  • VGA: Old, legacy video connector. Standard connections before HDMI came out. In early April of 2002. Very few TVs or computers monitors have this connection type.

Acer KG281K 28-inch Gaming Monitor


Acer KG281K 28-inch Gaming Monitor, consider buying this model.

Acer Monitors are quick with fantastic performance. I would say they’re on par with the competition. However, don’t be fooled by unreasonable prices, thinking the monitor will be the best. Often, it was simply one big, expensive tool that did not live up to the cost. That’s why I search for monitors that seem perfect, and in some cases. It all depends on the support you get, of course, the amount of time you spend doing what you love doing. Buying a monitor comes with more than just a price tag and the quick-speaking store clerk. Know what you want before you even enter the store. With that in mind, Contact me anytime for help or with a question.
Thank you

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Acer KG281K,28-inch Gaming Monitor 60hz TN 1ms

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