You are currently viewing AOC CQ27G2 27 Inch Super Curved Monitor

AOC CQ27G2 27 Inch Super Curved Monitor

AOC Super Curved 1500R Monitor. Gives you an out-of-this-world experience. Gaming with your opponents. With the super curved monitor, you will feel as though you are inside the game.
You will enjoy the fast 144Hz Refresh Rate. That gives you a more constant sharper gaming succession plus a more accurate shot, furthermore, with the 1ms quick response time. You can play your fast moving games and not worry about screen flickering. Thanks to free-sync enabling stream less content from side to side. This creates an environment where your eyes will have less strain on them.
With Quad HD Resolution, you can have the super quality sharpness and clarity you’ve been waiting on. Plus, a more in-depth gaming experience.
AMD FreeSync Premium Technology is an excellent asset to the features you have all the speed you need. Buying a monitor with AMD FreeSync helps to remove the stuttering and image tearing. Enabling you to play how you truly want to play without the strain or worry. The VA Panel allows you to have a wider viewing angle making it possible to view from any side. CQ27G2 gives vibrant images with true to life colors.

Features: QHD Wide 1440p Resolution

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