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AOC CU32V3 32-Inch Curved Monitor 4K UHD 4ms

Looking at the AOC CU32V3 32-inch monitor today, Our first bit of information to provide you with would be the ultra-high-definition resolution at 3840X2160, Considered to be 4k, which gives you outstanding performance thanks to the 1500r curvature. You always have crystal clear images with the crystal clear 4K whether your need extreme detail or 3D graphic AOC delivers. The photos always look amazing, no matter what angle you view. The VA Panel produces vibrant colors along with wide viewing angles.

 Flicker-Free Technology & Low Blue Mode 

AOC delivers a  Low Blue Light Mode Technology that controls color temperatures without interfering with the vivid colors of the IPS Panel. Thanks to the Healthier Eye Mode, helping you play games or work longer hours without straining your eyes.

You can multitask with this screen and improve efficiency and productivity whether in the office or at work. AOC comes with a Flicker-Free Technology allowing the gamers to play fast-moving games and not worry about flickering and makes it easier on the eyes without fatigue.

To best describe Flicker-Free technology inside your monitor, it does not use PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the screen’s brightness.

A standard monitor adjusts its brightness through flickering (PWM) during low light periods & high brightness. It could lead to multiple problems when this happens, including eye strain and blindness.

However, Flicker-Free monitors deliver a single light source. During those long hours of working or raiding! Picking a monitor with flicker-free technology. Should be on your list of what I need? When selecting your monitor.

Response Time

And the 4ms Response Time gives you the speed you need, smoother and sharper gameplay; 4ms is four-thousandths of a second. Just for comparison, imagine this in one hour, you have 3600 seconds & one second is 3600ms which equals up to 1 second. As you can see, the time between the two is the same yet so different. However, you might not even notice the difference between a 1ms and a 4ms. Strictly speaking, when your gaming, your not counting each second. Unless you are waiting for your CDs to cool down, cast your healing spell or shield.

Ending Thoughts

Today we explain the difference is between 1ms response time & 5ms response time. To start, let me first take you back to earlier years when such times were not relevant to even the biggest monitor enthusiasts. However, since the rise of technology & and the need to go faster and faster, companies started using terms like “Swift response time.” and such people wanted more out of their monitor.
As a result, young & older buyers today are looking for the best. However, sometimes their pocketbook says no. In turn, people started to question the 5ms response times & found out that even though 1ms is better. The difference between them cant be seen by the naked eye.


You have 2 HDMI inputs & 1 Display port. Allowing you to connect to other devices for even greater support.

AOC CU32V3 32 inch 4k Monitor


  • 4K UHD 2160p Resolution
  • LED Display Technology
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 4 Milliseconds Response Time
  • 2840X2160 pixels Display Resolution
  • HDMI 2, Display Port X1
  • Low Blue Light Mode

AOC CU32V3 32 inch 4k Monitor

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