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Easter Sunday

Easter History & How it has changed though the years

Today, Let us observe & celebrate Easter as one of the greatest joys in our childhood. Below are a few videos that show us the nature of how and why we started celebrating Easter as a holiday.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday

Do you recall the Last Supper from your Sunday church days? While on this earth, Jesus and his disciples would observe good Friday. Ever wonder how it all started? Let me fill you in on some of those details as I understand them.

During the crucifixion & Resurrection, stories have been told of the Great Vigil, Also known as Holy Saturday. During this time, they would observe the evening sunset on Saturday and sunrise on Easter Sunday.

In later years, western churches started following to understand the importance of these 2 days. However, in 1955 Romans, with all their might and glory, decided on a new path, with minor changes to the old ways. Instead of observing Saturday near sunset, they decided it would be best to have easter mass around 10 pm, though to midnight.

Romans & Protestants

Alongside the Romans, the protestant churches believed in their own path. Little is known of the old ways during the 4th century. Many variations of Easter came to be known. It was believed that Jesus’s second coming would occur on Easter. In Roman Catholic tradition.


How did baptism come about? The Romans believed in the use of sacraments during the vigil & easter mass. While using the Paschal candle to bring about the appearance of light overcoming the darkness through the Resurrection. This was first recorded in the year 384. 

Fun fact did you know that baptism was only performed once a year & during Easter?

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