msi cms optix ag321cr 32 inch curved monitor

MSI CMS Optix AG321CR 32 Inch Curved Monitor

Do you want a unique monitor? With all the features for getting the job done. Well, here is the one you need, Optix AG321CR 32″ Curved monitor with a VA Panel that gives you picture-perfect quality with the help of LCD and LED Blue light to protect your eyes and allows you to play longer successions with less glare.

Also, AMD Free Sync lets you enjoy your work or play while minimizing image tearing & interruptions. With the help of NVIDIA G-Sync Technology, you can play your games, watch movies, or work and have ultra-smooth lag-free gameplay.

Another feature discussed would be Optix FULL HD 1080p Resolution; this gives clarity you need to take care of work or playing your favorite game and streaming Netflix. You can live happily and experience a pleasant time with Full HD without any complaints. 

You’ll love the quick 1Ms Response Time; you’ll be able to play your fast moving action games and never worry about screen flickering just winning your game.

This monitor is compatible with PC, MAC, Xbox, Mobile & Notebook. Along with this 165Hz Refresh Rate, you have the speed you need and smoother, sharper successions and greater control over your gameplay.

Other features are HDMI input 2.0, HDMI 1.4, Display Port, Headphone Socket, and Built-in USB Hub. All this allows you to connect to other devices for even more support.

This monitor is VESA Mountable 75X75, can be mounted on the wall or sit on the desk and adjusted to fit your comfort best. It comes with Height adjustment can be Tilted or Swivels. 

MSI offers a 30day refund, and the buyer pays the return package.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

  • VA Panel
  • LCD, LED
  • AMD Free Sync, NVIDIA G-Sync Technology
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDMI 1.4, HDMI input 2.0, Display Port, Headphone Socket, Built-in USB Hub
  • VESA Mountable 75X75
  • Adjustable Height, Tiltable, & Swivel
  • Note: 30-day return, buyer pays return package

MSI CMS Optix 32 Inch Curved Monitor

MSI CMS Optix AG321CR 32 Inch Curved Monitor

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