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Nitro XVO 23-inch Gaming Monitor-XV240Y Pbmiiprx

With Ultrawide QHD Resolution, you don’t want to be left out of the action; you will be completely immersed in your game as you’ve never experienced before. And with the rapid 144Hz Refresh Rate, you will enjoy the intense action and experience smooth viewing and sharp successions.

AMD free sync technology allows you to play your fast, high-speed games with enjoyment and no choppy, messy gameplay. Enjoy a high-quality color screen with the IPS Panel and wide viewing images. They are making gameplay even more enjoyable.

Nitro XVO Visual Response Boost Technology helps take away screen blur, and you have a clearer gaming succession. And with the Bluelightshield and Flicker-less Technology, you can get comfortable and play more extended periods of time and less strain and fatigue on your eyes.

Nitro XVO has an Ultra-low input lag that helps you always be ahead of your opponents. And have the edge on the competition with a quicker reaction. Lastly, you will always have a sharper and clearer image with the QHD Resolution.

Feathers: QHD Resolution

  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Free Sync Technology
  • IPS Panel
  • Visual Response Boost Technology
  • Bluelightshield and Flicker less Technology
  • Ultra-Low Input Lag

23 inches of gaming pleasure at your fingertips.

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