PiXiO PXC327, a great monitor for pro gamers with its Ultra-wide screen and 165hz refresh rate, leaves nothing to chance as you stab, slice, and shot anything in your path to victory. Leave nothing to chance with Pixio. It has everything you for a broad viewing intent on gaming or work.

With the 165Hz Refresh Rate, you will feel the difference in your speed and reaction time in the game. You feel as though you have finally found what you have been searching for that completes your gameplay allowing you to rise to face any challenge that lay ahead of you. You will play smoother and sharper than ever before and have more accurate headshots to boot. Never face the darkness alone, and with PiXio, you will never have to.

With the AMD Radeon Free Sync Premium, your gameplay will be as limitless as a hacker’s coin pouch. Play your favorite games and experience smoother interaction with NPCs without the tearing or stuttering that you see on other model monitors.

You now can conquer the enemy with the 3,000:1 contrast ratio by seeing more profound & vibrant images. The Eye Saver Mode takes away strain on your eyes and lets you play for hours without eye fatigue.

Features: QHD Wide 1440p Resolution

Will you love PiXiO PXC327 32 Inch as much as other reviewers?

You can find this monitor and more at https://amzn.to/3x3IIpN

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FIODIO AF11F 29 Inch LED Gaming Monitor (stayhomeblues.com)

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