Sceptre Curved 30 Inch Gaming LED Monitor -‎C305W-2560UN

Looking at the all-new sceptre with a 30-inch screen of curved gaming with LED backlighting, One of the excellent stats of this nice monitor would be its captivating 1080p resolution and 85Hz refresh rate. First, you will never miss out on the action with a curved monitor. Secondly, you have two options to take. Of course, it all depends on you as the user. 

One option would be FPS. At first, your thinking Fps (frames per second), and you would generally be correct. However, (first person Shooter) is what FPS means here. Lastly, RTS means (real-time strategy). Used for those times when your thinking about how to defend your base.

The 1ms response time gives the gamers a rapid speed and clarity, reducing the blur and stuttering. So you can enjoy gaming at its best with a crisp image in combat or relaxing watching Netflix.

Blue Light is designed to protect the gamer’s eyes, reducing fatigue and irritation while minimizing strain on your eyes caused by prolonged use. The LED Light illuminates the back cover of the curved monitor giving a uniquely modern design.


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