ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Monitor

ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Monitor

This ViewSonic 27-inch 2k monitor comes well-designed for professional applicants. Wellbeing engineered to deliver the most vivid and life-like color to ensure the job gets done. With a super clear IPS Panel & its LED backlight, you can accomplish your task and have less strain on your eyes. This monitor VP2756 has a Pantone validated mark. Meaning it’s tested regularly to ensure picture-perfect color.

Also, ViewSonic has a unique feature called; Designer Mode. It’s an ideal setting for creating your own graphics or digital images. And a color sensitivity feature. Allowing content creators to simulate various color deficiency modes.

Furthermore, ViewSonic comes with a superfast WQHD 1440p Resolution. That’s four times faster than the 1080p resolution and has sharper images. So you can get the job done faster.

You’ll love the Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers. Allowing your work to feel more enjoyable.

One of my favorite features. The 5Ms GTG Response Time. You have the speed you need to finish what you started with ease. And have greater control over your work.

In addition, you have a USB-C connection. That reduces the dependency. On multiple wires, cables, or adapters. And has other ports to provide further support. X1HDMI,1X Display Port, (in), 2X USB Type-A, 1X USB Type-B. 1X USB Type-C.

Also, VP2756 comes with VESA Mounting. 100mmX100mm and can hang on the wall or sit on the desk.

Lastly, an ergonomic design & height adjustment. Swivel, pivot, and Tilt for even more comfort. ViewSonic Offers a three-year limited warranty.

Features: QHD 1440p Resolution

  • IPS Panel
  • LED backlight
  • Pantone Validated Mark
  • Designer Mode
  • Color Sensitivity Feature
  • QHD 1440p Resolution
  • Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • 5Ms GtG Response Time
  • USB-C Connectivity, X1 HDMI, X1 Display Port(in), X2 USB Type-A, X1 USB Type-B, X1 USB Type-C
  • VESA Compatible Mounting 100mmX100mm 
  • Ergonomic Design, Height, Swivel, Pivot, and Tilt
  • Three Year Limited Warranty

ViewSonic 27 Inch Monitor

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