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Aopen CV1 Series 21.5-inch monitor cv1qbi

AOPEN CV1 Series 21.5-Inch Monitor Full HD 5ms

AOPEN CV1 Series 21.5-Inch Monitor Look no further, then. This AOPEN CVI Series has all the feathers you need from the LCD/LED Panel this improves the viewing angles and good color reproduction, the color is picture quality so you get the best picture quality and image depth so you can see deeper into your work or games whichever you’re enjoying.

Furthermore, the Blue Light Shield and Flickerless Technology work to protect your eyes from harmful blue light so you can spend longer periods of time doing your work or just enjoying your favorite movies because the eye strain is reduced and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

The resolution, Refresh Rate, & Response Time

Full HD 1080p Resolution provides the clarity and sharper images you need when battling your enemies and have high-definition entertainment in comfort in your home. Also, the 5ms Response Time allows you to get the job done faster and enjoy what you want to do without the flickering and motion blur and is easy on the eyes. With the 60Hz Refresh Rate, you can enjoy smoother and sharper successions and have greater control over your work.

Connectivity, Tilt, Mounting & Warranty

This monitor has HDMI and VGA ports to connect to a variety of devices, so you have greater support when working or playing. Lastly, we have a feature everyone should know too well when buying either a Tv or a monitor. The option to mount on the wall or can sit at the desk whichever you choose and can be Tilted to best fit your comfort. Mounting dimensions are 75×75. Some models have 100×100, so it’s best to understand the difference in one setup versus the next. Thank you for reading till the end, and I hope you have a great day. By the way, this monitor comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.

AOPEN CV1 Series 21.5-Inch Monitor


Model: 22CV1Q BI

  • 5ms Response Time
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDMI, VGA Ports
  • LCD Screen Display
  • LED Backlighting 
  • Blue Light Shield and Flickerless Technology
  • VESA Mount 75mm X 75mm
  • Tilt
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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