Aopen mx1 gaming monitor 27mx1 bmiix


27-inch Full HD 1080p Resolution

1 MS response time

AMD Radeon Free Sync technology

2 x 2W speakers

TN display

You can enjoy the splendid features of this AOPEN MX1 series; From the FHD Resolution clarity and sharper images to the 1Ms Response Times. For quick actions on the battlefield where a blink could cost you a repair cost. Avoid spending your coin on repairs.
And with its 75Hz Refresh Rate, you will have the speed you want in a monitor and play your games with smoothness and sharper successions. Furthermore, enjoy besting all your foes in battle with this essential compact to victory your monitor and your quick wits.
This monitor comes with VESA mountable and adjusts to best suit your needs. It also has HDMI and VGA Ports; that let you connect to a variety of devices. Never get left alone inside a dungeon cause of faulty ports or cables. With aopen, you have a multitude to choose from. Suggest using the HDMI, and your refresh rate will increase from using just your VGA port. Keep that in mind.
Lastly, we have AMD Radeon Free Sync technology. When you buy a monitor with this label on the package, it tells you no more ghosting, blurry images when you’re trying to enjoy your day. Avoid the hassle of choppy frames; buy a monitor with AMD inside its core for your sake. I’m sure you’re aware of the difference between TN panel displays and VA panel displays; if not, here is a quick review of why TN beats VA in most battles. However, know this each person has their own play style and likes. In turn, what one likes does not always mean another will. TN panel displays are unique in their quest for the perfect combo of gaming performance and fluid action. Unlike VA, they focus primarily on Colors and clarity. Like I say, each to their own. It’s up to you as the buyer.