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Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

This unique AOPEN HC5 comes with splendid features you’ll love; One would be the Full HD 1080p Resolution. Alongside the details of how great a full HD monitor can be, you can enjoy clear and sharp images sent from your pals or your family with full detail. Letting them know how much you enjoyed them.
And with their Free Sync Premium, you’ll experience a whole new experience playing your games without all the unnecessary choppy images.
You can enjoy the rapid 5ms Response Time and play to your heart’s content, knowing that while using the 32 inches of fantastic screen size and overall speed, you’ll never be left behind.
The 144Hz Refresh Rate allows you to play, avoid and use your enemies’ tactics against them. With smooth and sharp successions, never letting your foe get away or get ahead of you.
Another feature is the LED Backlight Technology, which allows you to play longer hours with less strain on your eyes.
Think of this: the headphone jack used to be everyone’s favorite go-to for sound. However, with Bluetooth coming out with more ways to connect the headphones jack could have competition.
Using the HDMI Ports, you can connect to different devices and have better control of your game. Knowing how to best suit your gaming needs is the way to avoiding a defeat and securing a victory.
32 inches of awesome mounted on your wall using. VESA mount for greater control over your environment; adjust it for your comfort. Lastly, we have a 3-year warranty for your protection under accidents. Call for further questions regarding this warranty.

32 Inch Series Gaming Monitor and much more.

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