Computer Monitor-sceptre 27 inch gaming monitor e275b fpt165 with led, ips fhd 1080p

Sceptre 27 Inch Gaming Monitor E275B-FPT165 with LED

Sceptre 27-inch gaming monitor delivers the best when it comes to consistently providing top performance and sharp clarity from all-around viewing angles.

With the 1ms, you can enjoy your gaming without motion blur. At the same time, containing a crisp image while in combat.

You can enjoy fast-paced gaming with this smooth IPS gaming monitor. Designed to draw you in. Experience a new world with AMD Free Sync, a world without tearing and stuttering. Today’s monitors are worlds apart from what we grow up with. So much has changed and yet still the same.

With the 165 Hz Refresh Rate, you can play your favorite game and not worry about getting caught off guard. Hone your skills and get the edge over your enemies, leaving them behind with only a blurred image of your character as they lay on the flood. Reading game Over (your dead).

The vividness and brightness of the screen let you play with clarity and ease and see your enemies before they can attack you as never before.

The Blue Light Shift allows you to play for longer hours without strain on the eyes. We all know how tired we get from just staring at our character moving from side to side during the long hours of raiding. At the same time, waiting on others to join.

Features: FHD 1080p Resolution

Sceptre 27 Inch Gaming Monitor, all this power and performance under $250

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