LG MK60TM-27-inch monitor

LG MK60TM 27-inch monitor Premium Monitor Full HD IPS

LG MK60TM-27-inch monitor Premium Monitor is a sleek addition to any desktop with its Ultrathin borderless design. You can experience fast and smooth less gameplay like never before. As well as having incredible clarity & greater detail with an IPS Panel, you will experience a brighter fuller-looking picture while battling against the enemy.

Radon Free Sync

The Radon Free Sync lets you enjoy playing the fastest moving games and not experience tearing or stuttering and still have a smooth-running game. You will be able to play for hours while enjoying your favorite games and not have eye strain or fatigue while battling the pros.

Smoother Gaming with Radeon Free Sync reduces the tearing and stuttering between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate, enabling you more than ever before a smoother motion. In the fast-paced world of FPS (frames per second).

Understanding Ms (response time)

Understanding the difference in response time (milliseconds) 5ms and 1ms. 5ms seems to be the more widely chosen option; Long Story short, if you intend to use your new monitor for competitively gaming. You will indeed choose 1ms due to the faster response time.
So, Is there a big difference between 1ms and 5ms? 1ms response time is 1/1000th of a second now that’s fast. So fast, it’s five times faster than a 5ms response time. Notice the difference. The lower the number, the quicker the speed. Only buy if you intend on using this monitor for intense online gaming.

Flicker-Free Technology

Today more and more of us are spending more time than we should in front of a screen working or just wasting time. However, one of the best features added alongside others. It would be Flicker-free technology. Yes, some monitors were not equipped with this feature, leading to headaches, soreness & fatigue. But keep your eyes from always getting sore. Impacting your workflow, let’s talk about how this feature can save you time and money.
Understanding each feature that can bring you closer to perfection in a monitor & as well as knowing how to choose the best one.

Monitor Resolution

Full HD IPS Display: Opens up a new world of viewing and entertainment. Enjoy the rich detail and clarity only a Full HD 1080p resolution brings. With IPS, the response times are shortened, the intense color reproduction is improved, allowing you to view the screen at virtually any angle. 27MK60TM-B model 

Wall Mountable: This VESA-compatible monitor allows you the freedom to have it on your desk or a wall in your room, your choice

Reader Mode: is much like the blue light shift. On all other monitors, shifting the light around so that during long hours of work or play, your eyes will hurt less, making the monitor worth the money.

LG Black Stabilizer, improving visibility in dark areas of the game. Such as the dark caves where you have to strain to find your quest kill. We have all been there, struggling for the way out. While still looking at the mini-map. Hoping that the hole in the wall will lead us either to the exit or our quest.

LG MK60TM 27-inch monitor Premium Monitor


Model: MK60TM-B

Limited Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor

LG MK60TM 27-inch monitor Premium Monitor Backside

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LG MK60TM,27-inch monitor Premium Monitor

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