Scertre Curved C325B-185RD 32 Inch Gaming Monitor

Computer Monitor-Scertre curved c325b 185rd 32-inch gaming monitor open graph

Features: FHD 1080p Resolution

  • VA Panel
  • FPS-RTS Custom Set Display
  • AMD Free Sync
  • Anti-Flicker
  • Blue Light Shift
  • 185Hz Refresh Rate
  • LED Backlighting Display
  • 3 Milliseconds Response Time
  • Wall Mountable

Get ready for the ride of your life with Scepter Curved Monitor; with ultra-fast speeds up to 185Hz refresh rate, you can play the fastest moving games out there; you will have the edge in visibility and leave the blurred images behind.

AMD Free Sync Technology is a gamer’s best friend while battling the enemy without tearing or stuttering and enjoy playing a smoother game.

Enjoy playing longer hours and not worry about eye strain and fatigue with the Blue Light Shift Technology. And you can play without flickering and enjoy more gaming time with Anti-Flicker and have a crisper and more precise picture.

Specter has custom set display settings FPS-RTS to help enhance the gaming experience for first-time shooters and let you feel you’re playing for a real-time experience.

The Tiltable Display allows you to find the best spot to bridge the clarity and comfort you need to play your best.

VESA wall-mountable gives you a choice for mounting on the wall for more space on your gaming area or workstation.

Scertre Curved 32 inches of amazing have you tried a curved screen yet?

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