Computer Monitor-acer gaming monitor kg221q abmix


Full HD 1080p Resolution

1Ms Response Time

AMD Free Sync Technology

75 Hz Refresh Rate


Acer Gaming Monitor – KG221Q ABMIX

This Acer Gaming Monitor has Full HC 1080p Resolution with a crisp, bright color that makes your gameplay feel life-like and draws you more into your game, giving a more incredible gaming experience.

With the 1ms Response Time, you can play your fast-moving games with a more outstanding, more pro-like gaming experience without screen flicker, and this makes it easier on the eyes with less eye strain and fatigue.

And AMD Free Sync Technology allows you to play or work and avoid image tearing, ghosting, or stuttering. You can play with the best of the best and even get a step ahead of your opponents.

Another splendid feature you’ll love is the high speed 75Hz Refresh Rate; with this speed, you can enjoy your gaming experience with more incredible excitement and look forward to a much smoother and sharper succession and experience more accurate shots.

With the HDMI, VGA Input, you can connect to a variety of devices. And it allows you to play a variety of your favorite high speeded games, watch movies, or work at the office or home.

Lightning Fast 75Hz

With a 75Hz Refresh Rate, you can enjoy the lightning-Fast speed along with the 1Ms Response. Never be left behind due to a slow refresh rate and choppy graphics.

Enjoy the Zero Frame Border

Enjoy a greater view with the Zero Frame Design and a stylish Three-Prong stand.

Comfort With An Edge

Play how you want to at any angle. Enjoy the comfort of Tilt Monitor with a 5-15 degrees angle and avoid unnecessary neck strain.

Mount Up with VESA

Get rid of those bare walls, and let’s put a monitor up there. Free up some space from your desk area. Call your friends over, Show them not only does your monitor fit on the wall it also looks great.

Amd Free Sync

Acer gaming monitor Never again witness screen tearing any ghosting due to an outdated monitor or bad graphics that send your character to their death.

Swift Response Time 1ms

Have you ever been yelling at the screen, Saying I had him, but the last keystroke would not get there in time? Likely it was due to your response time between your monitor and the game server. With a 1 ms response time, your actions will flow as water does down a mountain as fast and furious as a storm.

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