Asus Tuf VG279QM 27-inch Gaming monitor Full HD 1ms

Asus Tuf VG279QM 27-inch Gaming monitor comes with a striking IPS/LED panel known for its crystal clear view no matter where your vantage point is.; work or play, your friends will love the ultra-wide non-glare screen with HDR 400 coating. You’ll enjoy a whole new experience with this ultra-widescreen 27 inch with less eye strain because your eyes aren’t searching back and forth allowing you to view your game all at once.

Refresh Rate , Response Time & Resolution

ASUA has a revved-up 280 Hz refresh rate; it’s two times faster than any current 144Hz monitor. That means you can own the upper hand in any fight. Knowing that your upcoming battle will be in your favor with a 1ms response time. When dealing with graphics or video editing, you know that IPS monitors have that field mastered. Along with the Full HD 1080p Resolution you get the clarity and sharp images to help you when in battle with the enemy.

Special Features

With the High Dynamic Range 400 Display, you get the best definition supporting levels of color and brightness that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors. In addition, the NVIDIA G-SYNC eliminates the screen tearing and lets you enjoy whatever you are trying to accomplish; while the Low Blue Light is reducing the emission of harmful low blue lights in order to prevent eye fatigue. ASUS also provides another feature to help with the eyes the Flicker-free Technology continuously removes tearing and irritating screen flicker.

More Features

And Dynamic Shadow Boost Technology Clarifies dark areas of the game without overexposing brighter areas improving overall viewing making it easier to spot enemies hiding in dark areas of the map. Amazing all the technology ASUA has put into their monitors this SAUS Smart Contrast Ratio enhances the ratio of the display which adjusts the brightness according to the content so that the picture will be displayed with better dark levels and more vivid colors creating sharper and brighter images, especially during videos and movies. Another Tool is the Game Plus it is co-developed with input from pro-gamers that will enable you to practice and improve your gaming skills. Another is Game Visual a screen color management tool that provides a variety of screen color scenarios to bring players the best personal visual experience.


ASUA offers other means of support with HDMI x 2 2.0, Display Port 1.2, & Earphone Jack you can connect to other devices for even more support. And comes with two speakers for a stereo sound making your gaming experience even better.

Adjustment, VESA Mount & Weight

You can adjust this monitor with the Tilt, Swivel, Pivot, and Height adjustment for your comfort when playing your games for longer periods of time. This monitor comes with VESA Mount 100mm X 100mm and Weights 5.6Kg withstand, without the stand 3.3 Kg. & Gross weight 8.2 Kg.

ASUS TUF VG279QM 27-inch Gaming monitor


Model: VG279Qm

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • HDMI X 2 2.0, Display Port 1.2 & Earphone Jack
  • (2wX2) Speaker’s
  • Non-Glare
  • Smart Contrast Ratio
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • 280 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1Ms Response Time
  • Flicker-free
  • HDR 400
  • Dynamic Shadow Boost Technology
  • G-sync Compatible
  • GameVisual
  • Game Plus
  • Low Blue Light
  • Tilt, Swivel, Pivot & Height Adjustment
  • VESA Wall Mount 100 X 100mm
  • Monitor Weight with stand 5.6Kg, weight without stand 3.3 Kg & Gross weight 8.2Kg.

ASUS TUF VG279QM 27-inch Gaming Monitor Front & Backside

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