Asus VG278QR 27-inch gaming monitor FHD 1080p ultra-wide

Today, we have Asus VG278QR designed around gamer’s desires, providing an intense 165 Hz refresh rate speed with your included DP cable, ultra fast144 Hz, using the HDMI included. Also, with a 0.5ms response time. With a blazing speed of 165 Hz refresh rate, and you can have super smooth gameplay. 

You can have fun battling with the best of the best gamers knowing that all the past problems are gone with free sync technology. Free sync eliminates screen tearing caused by intense graphics. So, you’re able to finish what you start without chopping or stuttering within your screen.

The ELMB technology makes your objects look sharper for a more responsive gaming experience. Asus provides you with the tools you need to win every time. So, you can always be up to speed on in-game action at the exact time you need it. At the same time, using the Asus game plus technology, you can have more intense gameplay while battling your enemies. You can fight for extended periods and not worry about your eyes with Asus eye care technology. Finally, what I would say is the best option yet is you can adjust the monitor stand to full height, tilt, swivel, or pivot, all to maximize your comfort. We know that once your neck and shoulders start hurting, your response time out of the game drops due to your pain. Don’t let this be the reason your team lost.

Features: FHD 1080p ultra-wide

Asus 27-inch gaming monitor depends on your playstyle and setup. Do you have a laptop or desktop? As listed, you need a desktop with a display port to fully max this monitors output.

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