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HP X27i 27-inch Gaming Monitor IPS 4ms 144Hz

HP X27i 27-inch Gaming Monitor, Helps you get ready to enhance your gameplay with its exquisite IPS Panel Technology; more magnificent colors, and enticing images. Along with their AMD Radeon Free-Sync Technology, this allows for an incredible gaming experience, and you will never have any image tearing or ghosting. With the LED backlight, you can enjoy playing or just watching your favorite movies; along with Anti-glare, you’ll have less eye strain from extra movement eye across the screen. With the Ultra-Wide 178 screen and its deeper colors, you’ll experience actual life gameplay& a greater enhanced experience.

Response Time, Refresh Rate & AMD Sync

HPX 27i is the way to go with all the speed you’ll ever need with their full speed ahead 4Ms Response Time. Enjoy those swift, fast action games and the excitement you feel when you find yourself a step ahead of the enemy, and the feeling you get just knowing you can win. Also, you can play knowing you don’t have to worry about motion blur or cho1ppy images. Another stunning feature is the 144Hz Refresh Rate that works alongside the AMD Free Sync to give a unique advantage over the gameplay when battling with the pros. You have smoother and crisper images and are free of image tearing and stuttering. And get this!!

Are You able to see the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz Monitors?

Being able to see a noticeable difference between a 144 Hz monitor and a 240 Hz monitor. It May be difficult. However, if you move from 60hz to 240Hz, you will see the difference up front visually and clearly.

  • You will feel the difference & not only that but see how much change has happened between the two.
  • However, there is only a tiny improvement from 144 Hz to 240hz, small enough that you may or may not be able to see the differences with a direct comparison.


And get this!! With their QHD 1440p Resolution, you get four times faster than most monitors. Monitor resolution is usually one of the first things you would consider when shopping for a new monitor, which describes the visual dimensions of any given display. So when you read 1080p or Terms like HD/720p, FHD, commonly called Full HD 1080p. Or WQHD, that looks like this 1440p one more to mention is 4k 2160p.

More precisely, the HDMI 2.0 & Display Port 1.2 allows you the option to connect to different devices for an even more excellent gaming experience. HP X27i 2K monitor is VESA Mountable or can sit on the desk. Or mount on the wall; measurements are 100mmX100mm & weights 16.17 pounds. HP accepts returns or exchanges on their monitors up to 30 days after delivery. A restocking fee may apply.

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HP X27i 27-inch Gaming Monitor


Model: 8AG16AA#ABA 

  • KPX 27i 2K Monitor
  • QHD 1440P Resolution
  • IPS Technology
  • AMD Radeon Free Sync Technology
  • 4ms Response Time
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Ultra-Wide Screen
  • LED backlight
  • Anti-glare
  • QHD 1440p Resolution
  • HDMI 2.0 & Display Port 1.2
  • VESA Mountable 100mmX100mm
  • 30-day return or exchange

HP X27i 27-inch Gaming Monitor Front & Back

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