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LG GN750-B 27-Inch Full HD Monitor IPS 1ms 240hz

The LG GN750-B gaming monitor, can elevate your gaming experience and go beyond exciting. You’ll experience crisp visuals and intense clarity with the IPS display and a 1ms response time. You can take control over your game and overtake your enemies with fast speed; you have the ultimate surprise over the opponent.

Full HD 1080p Resolution LG GN750-B

Have you seen this number 1920×1080 and wonder? Just what they’re talking about. That would be the resolution of the screen in question, this gives you the clarity you need for all your important work. A Full HD resolution monitor is 2 times as fast & has millions of more pixels. Then an HD monitor, This Allows for a clear picture each time.

Adaptive Sync

And with Adaptive Sync (Free Sync Premium) Technology, you, the gamer, can play hi-resolution and fast paced games and banish screen tearing and stuttering. Black Stabilizer lets you see deeper into the shadows and allows you to attack or defend yourself against the enemies lurking in the darker areas. You will be able to play like the pros. And Dynamic Action Sync, you can play your game and feel like you’re being drawn into the actual game and get into the action without lagging.

The Crosshair feature lets you hit the enemies with accuracy and gives enhanced vision a pro-level precision in first-person shooter games.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

  • 240Hz Refresh Rate
  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • HDR 10 Compatible
  • IPS with sRGB
  • 1ms Response Time 
  • LED Backlighting

LG GN750-B 27 Inch Full HD Monitor

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