Phillips 27 inch Curved Monitor -272EiCA

With Philips, your never alone, and with 27 inches of full HD, a curved monitor never looked so good. Secondly, it comes with a wide viewing angle. Maximizing your viewing pleasure. Along with a constant dynamic ratio of deep colors. Making for outstanding gaming performance of up to a 75Hz refresh rate

VA panel has a wide viewing angle with awesome images, giving you super high static contrast ratios, along with vivid bright photos. While suitable for movies, gaming, or pictures. You will enjoy the technology this monitor provides with its bright images.

Another great feature. Blue light mode reduces user eye strain by changing the color and glow of the screen to a certain degree. It also Regulates brightness to reduces eye fatigue. 

Finally, the curved 27 inches LED monitor with its full HD resolution lets you see the enemy before they can attack you. Gain confidence in knowing that your images remain clear from corner to corner. You can see everything around you faster and gives a better chance to be ahead of the game.  

Phillips monitors comes with a four year advance replacement in the United States. 


  • Full HD 1920×1080 resolution
  • LED display type
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 4 years advance replacement warranty
  • VA panel 
  • AMD FreeSync technology

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