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Acer KB272HL Hbi 27 Inch Monitor

Let me introduce you to a nice budget monitor.

Acer 27 inch Wide Screen VA monitor was designed with the gamers in mind. The Full HD Monitor offers an unmatched viewing experience. The 27-inch screen with the Full HD resolution gives fantastic detail. With AMD Radeon Technology, ghosting and screen tearing are unheard of. Don’t fall victim in buy a monitor that does not have AMD build in; otherwise, you may see blurry images, or worse, you could be staring into a dark screen instead of the boss fight you were about to win.

The Ful HD1080p Resolution makes gaming feel as though it were more natural and dramatic and makes playing more exciting, as though you were inside the game because the text and detail are so clear.

The High-Quality Visuals and widescreen allow you to see from edge to edge while playing your games and gives you a competitive advantage over the enemies. The 1ms Response Time gives gamers a fast-moving experience and lets you play without worry. And the 75Hz Refresh Rate lowers the lag in gaming and offers gamers an exciting in-game experience. With Acer VisionCare, you can battle your enemies for longer hours and not worry about eye fatigue.

Lastly, let’s talk about tilt and height adjustment. When buying a monitor with the height adjustment option, you now have the chance to avoid any unnecessary back & neck pains from being able to adjust the monitor how you need it.

Features: Acer VisionCare

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