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AOPEN MXI Series 24 inch Gaming Monitor-24MXI Bii

AOPEN MXI monitor comes loaded with a few nice features. First, AMD Radeon Free-Sync Technology; directed at avoiding tearing and reducing stuttering created by a misalignment within the screen’s refresh rate.

And you can enjoy the fast speed of 1ms Response Time when playing your high speeded games and still have the sharpness and smoothness when in action and a more accurate shot, a feature meant for first-time players.

With the LED Backlight Technology, it allows you to enjoy more time on your games or at the office with less strain on your eyes.

With the Full HD 1080p Resolution, you can enjoy sharper and clearer images and recognize your enemies quicker, and this helps you play a more enhanced game.

AOPEN MXI 24 inch monitor comes with TN Technology, and the Backlight makes the image color brighter, which helps with less strain on your eyes.

And with HDMI Port, it allows you to connect to other devices, play your high-speed games, or work at the office. AOPEN MXI Series comes with a three-year warranty.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

  • AMD Radeon Free Sync Technology
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 75 Hz Refresh Rate
  • LED Backlight Technology
  • LCD Display Screen Type
  • TN Display Technology
  • HDMI Port
  •  3 Year Warranty

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