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Think Vision T32h-20 32 Inch Monitor

This Think Vision 32-inch screen with QHD resolution provides greater clarity than FHD, giving much more intensive work. Such as content editing, number crunching is a breeze. 

You’ll be able to get documents, spreadsheets, or designs a gleaming display that complements modern-day work. Combined with a smart power USB type-c cable and doubles up as a charger for power consumption and brainpower management. 

This monitor has a quick and easy setup, an ergonomic space-saving design, three sides near edgeless display & a USB type-c one-cable solution. 

This screen is designed with comfort for your eyes. This monitor has the option of free shipping. In 1-3 business days, included with a 3-year warranty for those moments that we all wish had not happened.

When you think of thinkvision, what comes to mind? would it be their energy star 8.0 certified monitors or the warranty period of 3 years accident-free? Or, by chance, you’re looking at the many accessories or ports that you can use. Many people value their eyesight, of course, and think vision like other monitors have their build-in version of blue light shift. Don’t worry about working late at night with thinkvision, and you can be sure your eyes are safe, thanks to their eye care technology built in.

 Features: QHD Resolution

  • Energy Star: 8.0
  • USB Ports 3.1 Gen1 x 4
  • Warranty Period 3-year
  • Included Accessory DP, USB type C to C, USB type C
  • Antiglare
  • Eye Care

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