Deco Gear 35 Inch Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor-DGVIEW201

Deco Gear is a fantastic 35-inch curved ultrawide gaming monitor; you will be astatic with the enhanced resolution and brightness you will have. You will feel like you’ve been drawn into the game. In addition, the large, curved screen brings to life over 16.7 million assorted colors that allow you to see your game in a whole new world.

The Deco’s new E-LED backlighting gives consistent lighting for your comfort; never again see dim corners or dark spots. From poorly lighted monitors. With less the perfect backlighting.

With free sync technology, tearing is a thing of the past while playing your game. In addition, Deco Gear brings 3 HDMI ports to the table to support various desktop machines. Also, Save up to 6 different user profiles

With this 35-inch screen, you will have less eye strain and a greater view for battling and shielding your team from danger; and with a lighting speed 4ms response time. You are not just on the leaderboard; you’re ahead of the rest with lesser monitors.


Deco gear 35 inch curved ultrawide gaming monitor

4ms Response Time

QHD Ultrawide 1440p Resolution

100 Hz Refresh Rate

DGVIEW201 Model 

 35″ Curved Ultrawide

3440×1440 Resolution

E-LED backlighting

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