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LG 27GL850-B 27-Inch Gaming Monitor IPS QHD 144Hz 1ms

LG 27GL850-B 27-Inch Gaming Monitor is ready for the battle; you can feel the sting of the Virtual World as though it comes alive with the Nano IPS Display, with its stunning bright image. You can enjoy the fast-moving games with the 1ms high-speed play with the pros and enjoy no flickering with a smooth gaming experience and a quicker response time. With a 144Hz Refresh Rate, you will experience ultra-fast action and more precise movement during the most intense gaming.

AMD Free Sync

AMD Free Sync Premium lets the gamer play hi speeded games without screen tearing or stuttering. Dynamic Action Sync enables you to play like a pro and get the closest thing to a real-life experience without lag. The HDR10 gives the gamer a richer color and contrast; it lets the gamer experience the feeling of being in the center of the game, enjoying the bright, vivid color, and seeing deeper into the dark shadows the enemies and be a step ahead and ready for the ultimate surprise.

Have you ever experienced screen tearing? Image Link 

The above link has an image of screen tearing in action. Truly an unwanted effect from your monitor. However, this can be avoided by knowing what you need before buying a new monitor. AMD Free Sync can sync with your computer’s graphics card, ensuring the tearing is at a minimum. Allowing you to enjoy your work or gaming to your heart’s content. Or until the boss kills you seconds away from your final hit. 

Black Stabilizer

You are never in the dark. With Black Stabilizer, you can defend yourself against the enemies lurking in the shadows. The Crosshair feature gives you accuracy with enhanced vision for first-time person shooters. LG Black Stabilizer, improving visibility in dark areas of the game. Such as the dark caves where you have to strain to find your quest kill. We have all been there, struggling for the way out. While still looking at the mini-map. Hoping that the hole in the wall will lead us either to the exit or our quest.

LG 27GL850-B 27-Inch Gaming Monitor


  • QHD 1440p Resolution
  • LED Backlighting
  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • HDR-10
  • NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible
  • Nano IPS Display
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Black Stabilizer

Will you let LG 27GL850-B 27-Inch Gaming Monitor into your home and heart?

What is the difference in Ms response time.

Explaining today the difference between 1ms response time & 5ms response time. To start, let me first take you back to earlier years when such times were not relevant to even the biggest monitor enthusiasts. However, since the rise of technology & and the need to go faster and faster, companies started using terms like “Swift response time.” and such people wanted more out of their monitor.

As a result, young & older buyers today are looking for the best. However, sometimes their pocketbook does not allow this. In turn, people started to question the 5ms response times & found out that even though 1ms is better. The naked eye can’t see the difference between them.
When you sit down and think about it, what kind of monitor do I want? Am I going to play competitive esports online?

benq mobluz ex2710 27-inch gaming monitor

Benq Mobluz EX2710 has all the features you’ve dreamed of. First of all, the IPS Panel provides super clear color and stunning views no matter what angle. And the LED backlight works to help lessen the strain on your eyes. Anti-glare screen coating helps with eye fatigue. Along with the LED & anti-glare coating added together, helping your eyes in every way. Your work efficiency will go up, & your stress from sore, itchy, watery eyes will be a thing of the past.

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