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Monoprice Zero-G 27-inch QHD Curved Monitor VA 144Hz HDR

Introducing Monoprice Zero-G 27 inch, when you want the best picture quality and viewing angles, you want Monoprice Zero-G with their A+VA Panel. And with HDR Compatible, you get more enhanced detail and a deeper depth of color. You will enjoy playing your games even more because you’ll feel like it’s a real-life experience. With the 1500R curvature screen, you have less eye strain by reducing the number of times you move your eyes back and forth over the screen.

Adaptive Sync & Refresh Rate

So to avoid any broken images, you have Adaptive-Sync Technology to eliminate any choppy gameplay. With this kind of technology, you will keep coming back for more intense gaming and fun.

Enter the gaming world, and you will hear the terms refresh rates and frame rates thrown about frequently. Are you looking to explore the dangerous landscape with your feline companion or lands filled with snow looking for treasure? In search of your next adventure in the gaming world? No problem. We have you covered with the best equipment that delivers superior speed & high refresh rates for those times when you get attacked from behind and need to respond within a moment’s notice. Continue reading to learn about Adaptive-Sync & how it helps to prevent screen tearing and game stuttering for the smoothest gameplay possible.

Refresh Rate & Resolution

Another great feature Monoprice offers its gamers is the super-fast 144Hz Refresh Rate; you have the speed that allows you greater control over your gameplay and greater detail for a more captivating gaming experience. This also comes with the QHD 1440 Resolution, that’s four times faster than 1080p and gives you much sharper images when playing your rapid speeded game

Connections & Warranty

Monoprice comes with three HDMI Ports, One Display Port Inputs, Plus an Audio Output; this allows you to connect to various devices and more fabulous gameplay. This monitor comes with VESA Compatibility, the stand can be easily removed to mount on the wall for greater flexibility, and VESA mounting size is 75X75. Lastly, Monoprice is so sure you will love this monitor they are giving away a one-year pixel-perfect guarantee. Peace of mind for you & your pocketbook.

Monoprice Zero-G 27-inch Gaming Monitor


  • VA Panel 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • QHD 1440 Resolution
  • Adaptive Sync Technology
  • 1500R Curvature
  • 3x HDMI Ports, 1x Display Port Inputs, & Audio Output
  • VESA Mount 75X75
  • One Year Pixel Perfect Guarantee

Monoprice Monitors are quick with incredible performance. However, don’t be fooled by unreasonable prices, thinking the monitor will be the best. Often, it was simply one big, expensive tool that did not live up to the cost. That’s why I search for monitors that seem perfect, and in some cases, it all depends on the support you get, of course, the amount of time you spend doing what you love doing. Buying a monitor comes with more than just a price tag and the quick-speaking store clerk. Know what you want before you even enter the store. With that in mind, Contact me anytime for help or with a question.
Thank you

Monoprice Zero-G 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, built to last Front & Back

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OMEN X 27-Inch Gaming QHD Monitor

OMEN X 27-Inch Gaming QHD Monitor, are you looking for a back-to-school deal for your gaming son or daughter? Hp has launched a few great deals that may leave you speechless. Looking at these deals, you will see what I’m talking about. Save $145 instantly on this monitor today, Before it’s too late. Omen will absolutely amaze you with all the features that come along with this fantastic monitor. Let’s start with one of them, Backlighting on a monitor can be one of the best features, depending on who you ask. Anti-Glare for those that work long hours on either battlegrounds or homework. With these two involved, you’re sure to get more work done. 

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