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AOPEN HC5 Series 27 inch Gaming Monitor-27HC5R PBIIPX

Looking at brands and specs, you will notice that not all monitors are the same, but we all know that from the start. This one is no different Aopen may sound funny. However, if a problem comes from the Full HD Resolution, they will fix any dead pixels with full support. Let us talk about the sharper images and clarity of this model. Know that the speed of 5ms may be slightly slow First, look at what Aopen monitor provides, not what it lacks. Twenty-seven inches of 1080p resolution, 5 MS response time is nothing terrible. Secondly, a monitor with this much power can help you level through that rough questing area you have been stuck in with your older monitor. Indeed, that’s why you are thinking about buying a new monitor.

Another feature that makes this monitor so great is the Free Sync Premium Technology—enabling the user with a no ghosting or stuttering gaming experience. No more are the days of lagging choppy screens. As a result, your gameplay with max out.

The 144Hz Refresh Rate allows you to have a smooth and sharp succession and a more accurate shot when battling your enemies. Second, to last, HDMI Ports let you connect to other devices, thus giving you the visual edge, you need when heated. We all know death can happen quickly when your character does not listen to the commands given. Don’t let this happen to you. Use HDMI or display port cables to engage in a battle that will transcend time. Are you a night time player us the build-in LED allowing you more time to finish your quests or work.

Lastly, AOPEN comes with a VESA mountable monitor so you can mount it on the wall and adjust it to fit your comfort best. And this monitor comes with a three-year warranty.

Features: Full HD 1080p Resolution

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